Solidator 3D Printer - Hardware

Patent-pending design realized with precision components


Solidator 2 Technology

The next generation Professional DLP 3D Printer “Solidator 2” uses a patent-pending design that enables enormous benefits for the user:



Extremely Large build volume of 14,11 liters:

336x210x200 mm (13,22in x8.26in x 7.87in)
4 to 6 times larger than average DLP 3D printer.


Extremely Fast - Speed record: 2116 cm³/hour (129 in³/hour)

Vertical build speed 30 mm/hour on 336x210 mm@100 micron
Cure times of 10 seconds per 100 micron layer height on 336x210 mm with our Solidator Professional Resin R001


Surface-Smoothing Technology due to our 3D-Smoothing Technology.

Resolution enhancement beyond native pixel and layer sizes. With more than 4.6 billion voxels in the build volume and a minimal feature size of 175 micron at XY@336x210 mm at layers as thin as 30 microns the print results are outstanding!


The Fastest Slicer on the market 

Solidator Studio is the professional all-in-one software package for model preparation, support generation and GPU-accelerated slicing. Resin settings and material knowledge is already preset in the software for reliable printing.


Modern Touch Enabled standalone 3D Printing

- Integrated touch-enabled computer for untethered printing

- Modern HTML 5 Web Interface to organize and monitor print

- WiFi, Ethernet and USB Job transfer methods fit your needs


Resins for high-speed printing & high level of precision

Solidator Resins are specially formulated for high speed curing of
large volume prints. These materials have outstanding properties.


Truly plug & play – reliable printing out of the box

- fully assembled

- factory level-z setting

- precalibrated projector

- Resin settings are fixed in our software for each supported resin


Priority support & shipping

- direct access to development team

- Support Centers in USA and Europe

- order resin and resin containers within your local market

- quick turnaround times


Authorization on the site

For an authorized user opens up new possibilities