Consumables / Wear-Parts

The Solidator DLP Printer has a number of wear-parts you need to be aware of.

Quick Replacement Kit for Resin Container Release Film & Glass (350 EUR)

With all Bottom-Up SLA/DLP Printers resin tank coatings need to be replaced after a number of prints.
The expected life time for a release film is between 20-50 prints.

This kit contains 3 release films and 3 glass sheets.

Projector lamp (300 EUR)

The light source intensity of all DLP based 3D Printers reduces over time. There is a range in which
reduction of intensity can be compensated by higher cure times. However we recommend to exchange
the lamp each 500 hours.

Grease for motor  (10 EUR)

We recommend to clean and apply new grease on the motors like every 3 months.

Motor Replacement kit  (300 EUR)

We expect a life time of 300.000 layers for the motor bearing .We have seen printers with 500.000 layers printed with no issue.

So when you did about 200 print jobs (typically several thousand objects) on the printer you might be interested to put this kit in shelf just in case.

This kit includes motors, rod and rod holder blocks to exchange the motors just in case.

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