Solidator 2.0 - The Next-Generation DLP 3D Printer

  • Extremely Large 336x210x200 mm
  • Extremely Fast 2116 cm³ / h
    129 in³ / h
  • Great Features 1920x1200 High-Power DLP Projector3D-Smoothing Technology Touch Display and Standalone Operation HTML5 Web Interface and Networking Integrated CameraGPU Accelerated Slicer and Support Generation
  • Speed up your engineering Design, produce and refine same day - many timesGet even large prototypes in matter of hours - not days
  • Speed up your production Save even more time - print many objects in one printDo small batch productions easily in-house

High quality DLP stereolithography with large build volume (336 x 210 x 200 mm)

Enormous Speed up to 2116 cm³/hour (129 in³/hour) at 100 micron layer height

High resolution with 3D Surface smoothing technology .
More than 4.6 Billion Voxels each with a 0.175 mm x 0.175 mm x 0.10 mm voxel size

Professional Resins - Solidator Resins are specially formulated for high speed curing of large volume prints. These materials have outstanding properties.

Professional Software - GPU-Accelerated Slicing Software that generate supports & slices in record time.

Extremely Large - Build volume of 14.1 liters

The Solidator is not just fast but you can print really huge models up to 336x210x200 mm (13.22"x8.26"x7.87"). It is also possible to print multiple smaller models in one print. With this it is ideal for small batch productions, prototypes and single-part production.

Extremely Fast - Speed record: 2116 cm³ / hour (129 in³/h)

The Solidator is an ultra-fast Next Generation 3D DLP Printer. It prints 20x as fast as a comparable FDM Standard Printer and 10x as fast as SLA printers. The Solidator prints up to 2116 cm³ per hour (129 in³/h). Vertical build speed: 30 mm / hour at 336x210 mm (1,18 in / hour at 13.22"x8.26")

Have a look at the printing times of these objects:

Great surface quality due to our 3D-Smoothing Technology

Resolution enhancement beyond native pixel and layer sizes. With more than 4.6 billion voxels in the build volume and a minimal feature size 175 micron at XY@336x210 mm with layers as thin as 30 microns the print results are outstanding!

GPU-Accelerated fast Slicer with automatic support generation

Solidator Studio is the professional all-in-one software package for model preparation, support generation and GPU-accelerated slicing. Resin settings and material knowledge is already preset in the software for reliable printing. It enables you to prepare existing 3D models quickly and easily for printing with the Solidator 3D Printer. Solidator Studio runs on all major platforms, such as Windows 7/8/10.


Support creation & Print file export:
12x Eiffel Tower
143 x 64,6 x 64,6 mm / 5,63 x 2,54 x 2,54 in

The Fastest Slicer on the market

Resins for high-speed printing & high level of precision

Solidator Resins are specially formulated for high speed printing of large volume prints. See the Materials page for details and pricing.

Solidator Professional Transparent Orange Resin (R001)

The Solidator Professional Transparent Orange resin is extremely hard. The hardness of the printed parts (at 0.1 mm layer height) is around 85D (shore hardness). This is about the same value as PLA (about 85D), harder than ABS (about 75D) and certainly harder than POM (about 80D). The melting point of the printed parts is about 110C (230F).

Solidator Black Resin (R010)

Ideal resin for industrial parts used in products you ship. In comparison to R001 it is less brittle while having the similar hardness. Shore 82 D after post cure. Since June 2017, we use Solidator Black for all parts of our machines that are 3d printed.

Solidator Casting Resin (R020)

The Solidator Casting resin is optimized for casting larger parts to metals. It has good burn out capabilities.

Solidator Functional Resin (R031)

The Solidator Functional resin is a bit flexile and also stong. It is ideal for snap fit parts and parts that need high toughness.

Solidator Heat Resistant Resin (R040)

This material is high temperature resistant material which support a heat deflection temperature up to 140C. It can be used for molds and technical parts that are exposed to heat and need to keep their shape thereby.

Modern touch enabled standalone 3D Printing

The Solidator has an integrated touch-enabled computer for untethered printing. You do not need a PC running next to the printer. Transfer your print files via USB, Lan or Wifi to the printer. The modern HTML 5 Web Interface helps you to organize and monitor your prints. With this you can set the printer to a place other than your workplace.

Modern Touch Enabled standalone 3D Printing

Truly plug & play reliable printing out of the box

Fully assembled - factory level-z setting - precalibrated projector - Resin settings are fixed in our software for each supported resin. The Solidator offers a complete ecosystem to make sure you get the best output possible. We integrate Hardware, Software, Resin and Support

Industrial Design

The machine is constructed from stainless steel and aluminum parts. All components are designed for high precision and manufactured with passion for detail. Its modular design also enables maintenance by the user and long term usage.

Trusted by Industry Customers

From initial prototype to large scale production our customers constantly innovate and produce every day. Being able to get support, materials and parts in time is mission critical.


Technical Specification

Type / Model Solidator 2.0
Technology DLP stereolithography, vat polymerization
Build volume (Length x Width x Height) 336 x 210 x 200 mm (13.22" x 8.26" x 7.87")
speed @ 100 micron layer height 2116 cm³ / hour (max) (129 in³ / hour (max))
Resolution enhancement 3D surface smoothing
Voxels in build volume More than 4.6 billion voxels
Layer height 30 microns to 100 microns
Z-Motor resolution 10 microns (0.01 mm / 0.000393")
Minimal feature size XY@336x210mm 0.175 mm x 0.175 mm (0.069" x 0.069")
Footprint (L x W x H) 620 x 401 x 1380 mm (24.1" x 15.7" x 52.4")
Slicing software Solidator Studio (included)
Support generator Solidator Studio (included)
Touch screen 3.2" touch screen
HTML5 Web interface for mobile and PC devices Yes
WLAN support for job transfer Yes
Ethernet support for job transfer Yes
USB stick / USB Flash drive for job transfer Yes
Windows operation system support Yes
Voltage 110 V - 240 V 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature 18 - 25C (64.4-77F )

Priority worldwide support & shipping

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