Solidator 3D Printer - Materials

Advanced Materials for Engineering Parts

Liquid Plastic Material

Solidator works with liquid plastic materials (similar to nail polish) that harden when exposed to strong visible light. We work with partners that provide these materials to you directly. We have developed a special liquid plastic resin mix with our resin providers.


The Solidator Professional Transparent Orange resin is extremely hard. The hardness of the printed parts (at 0.1 mm layer height) is around 85D (shore hardness)—this is about the same value as PLA (about 85D), harder than ABS (about 75D) and certainly harder than POM (about 80D). The melting point of the printed parts is about 110°C (230°F).

The Solidator Casting resin is optimized for casting larger parts to metals. It has good burn out capabilities:

Resin settings are fixed in our software for each supported resin — so you do not need to test all this yourself.
You can spray-paint these materials easily to get any color and multi-color parts with acrylic spray paint.

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