Solidator 2 DLP 3D Printer

The affordable solution for printing large parts super fast in SLA quality, in-house

Created for engineers who need to create large prototype parts quickly. Accellerate your innovation cycles now.

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High quality DLP stereolithography with large build volume (336 x 210 x 200 mm)

Enormous Speed up to 2116 cm³/hour (129 in³/hour) at 100 micron layer height

High resolution with 3D Surface smoothing technology .
More than 4.6 Billion Voxels each with a 0.17 mm x 0.17 mm x 0.10 mm voxel size

Professional Resins - Solidator Resins are specially formulated for high speed curing of large volume prints. These materials have outstanding properties.

Professional Software - GPU-Accelerated Slicing Software that generate supports & slices in record time.

Solidator 3D Printer Technology

Visible Light DLP Stereolithography

A liquid plastic resin is placed in the transparent resin container. The resin is sensitive to light and hardens when exposed to large amounts of visible light. This way a hardened plastic layer of 0.1 mm can be created within seconds. Solidator projects a series of images into the resin container form below to create your object. Existing layers are moved upward to allow the next layer to be created from below. Printed objects are robust and of remarkably high resolution.

3D Printer Technical Specs

Solidator 2 DLP 3D Printer

- Build volume: 336x210x200 mm (13,22"x8.26"x7.87")

- Voxels in build volume: more than 4.6 billion voxels

- Layer heights: 30 microns to 100 microns

- Z-motor resolution: 10 microns (0.000393")

- Speed: up to 2116 cm³/hour (129 in³/hour)

- Minimal feature size XY@336x210 mm: 175 microns

- Footprint: 620x401x1380 mm (24.4in"x15,7"x54.3")

- 3.2" touch screen supports standalone printing

- Job transfer methods: wireless LAN, Ethernet, USB

- Software support: Windows 7/8/10

3D Printer Learning Center

How to Use the Solidator 3D Printer

- Find and use exisitng 3D models online

- Create your own 3D models

- Create a print job

- Print

- Finishing

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